We recognize and celebrate the importance of community, in its myriad variety. Our goal is to create and maintain a place for all kinds of people to gather and forget for a moment the world beyond our walls. Ours is a place to eat, drink, and enjoy the company of others.

Hummingbird is a unique establishment with a little something for a lot of different people, and we have an eclectic set of interests. We hope to be a melting pot where differences matter less and the shared common ground is the enjoyment of time spent together.


1053 E. Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 111
Raleigh, NC 27604


Tuesday–Thursday 8am–10pm
Friday & Saturday 8am–midnight
Sunday 10am–3pm

Closed Monday




Late Nite

Saturday 8am–3pm
Sunday 10am–3pm




hummingbird originals

Hummingbird Fiz9

hibiscus tea vodka, lime, peychauds

What’s Up Doc 11

 gosling’s rum, carrot-ginger shrub, lemon, soda

Last Man Standing  12

conniption american dry gin, strawberry infused campari, zucca rhubarb amaro

When Doves Cry  11

cathead honeysuckle vodka, blackberries, vanilla, orange blossom, lemon, cava

Silk Pajamas  11

tequila, mezcal, elderflower, lavender, lemon, peychauds, salt

Breakfast in Bed  12

coffee infused bourbon, fernet branca, lemon, cocoa, egg white 



Drip Coffee  2
Espresso (2oz)  3
Macchiato (3oz)  3.25
Cappuccino (6oz)  3.50
Latte (12oz)  3.75
Cortado (4oz)  3.25
Americano (10oz)  3
Cold Brew (12oz)  3

almond milk  +.50
vanilla, mocha, or orgeat syrup  +.50


Organic Tea : black, jasmine green, peppermint  3
Iced Hibiscus Tea  3
Thai Iced Tea  3.75
Topo Chico  3
Ginger Ale  3
Mexi Coke  3


Avocado Toast  6

boulted seeded levain, red chili, lemon, toasted sesame

Mortadella Tartine  7

cheddar, dijonnaise, arugula, fried egg*

Steak & Eggs*  15

soft ricotta eggs, 6oz ribeye, toast

Crawfish Quiche  12

arugula salad

Sausage Biscuit  8

buttermilk biscuit, jelly

Overnight Oats  6

steel cut oats, chia seeds, maple syrup, tahini, peanut butter, fermented blueberries

Ricotta Fritters  8

seasonal jam and mascarpone cream

Butterscotch Sticky Bun  4


Ginger-Molasses Cookie  3

Egg*  2
Grits  4
Toast/Biscuit  2
Smoked Salmon*  5
House-Made Sausage  4
Bacon  4


Peacemaker Po’boy  14

cornmeal crusted shrimp & oyster, lettuce, tomato, duke’s mayo, hot sauce

Catfish Po’boy  13

remoulade, pickles, lettuce, tomato

Lucky Dog  7

creole mustard, trinity relish, tomato, vesta mayo

Grilled Cheese  8

union special focaccia, brown sugar jam

BLT  10

nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, arugula, tomato, duke’s, tarragon vinegar

Reuben  11

union special rye, pastrami mama kwon’s kimchi, swiss, russian dressing

Fried Eggplant Sandwich  10

union special focaccia, roasted tomato, provolone, arugula, champagne aioli

Shaved Brussel Sprouts  9

tart apple, spiced walnuts, honey citrus vinaigrette, parmesan

Butter Lettuce Salad  11

spring vegetables, fried shallot, feta, herbs, mayfair*

Gumbo  10

chocolate roux, andouille sausage, shrimp, rice


Chicken  3
Shrimp  4
Tofu  3

A La Carte Sides

Zapp’s Voodoo Chips  2
fried brussel sprouts  4
Charred radish, cucumber & farro salad  4



Charbroiled Oysters  14

lemon, chili, parmesan, herbs, toast

Pimentòn Marinated Smoked Oysters  11

fried saltine, horseradish crema, pickled red onion, preserved lemon, herbs

  Shrimp Dip  9

 house-made potato chips

Frog Legs  13

nola bbq sauce, lemon, toast

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Livers  8

remoulade, house b&b pickles

Smoked Deviled Eggs  2/ea

trout roe, fennel

Rubbed Chicken Wings  10

garam masala, lime, green onions

Gumbo  10

chocolate roux, andouille, shrimp, rice

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad  9

tart apple, spiced walnuts, honey citrus vinaigrette

Butter Lettuce Salad  10

spring vegetables, fried shallot, feta, herbs, mayfair*


Steak Frites*  28

12oz ribeye, hand-cut fries, champagne aioli

Catfish & Dirty Rice  20

bacon, sausage, chicken liver, trinity, parsley pecan sauce

Chicken Pot Pie  15

butternut squash, cipollini onion, sage, cognac

White Bean Ragout  14

burnt tomato, mushrooms, fried egg, gremolata, bread crumbs


Pan-Fried Cabbage  5

sherry vinegar, brown butter

Cauliflower 2 Ways  5

charred, purple puree

Bread & Butter  4

union special miche, anchovy butter

Beet Salad  5

grilled citrus, horseradish, farro, feta, fennel, herbs


Avocado Toast  6

Boulted levain, evoo, red chili, lemon, toasted sesame

Butter Lettuce Salad  10

spring vegetables, fried shallot, feta, herbs, mayfair*

Biscuits & Gravy  10

fried eggs, housemade sausage, herbs

Hoe Cakes  10

whipped butter, herb scented maple syrup, fermented blueberries

Ricotta Fritters  8

seasonal jam, mascarpone cream

Shakshuka  12

burnt tomato, eggs, herbs, feta

Steak & Eggs  14

ricotta soft eggs, 6oz ribeye, toast

Crawfish Quiche  12

arugula salad

Catfish & Grits  14

roasted yellow grits, fried catfish, spicy tomato cream, trinity relish

Charbroiled Oysters  14

lemon, chili, parmesan, herbs, toast

Peacemaker Po’boy  13

cornmeal crusted shrimp & oyster, duke’s, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce

Brunch Burger  13

bacon aioli, onion jam, arugula, cheddar, union special bun


Toast  2
Fruit  4
Grits  4
Sticky Bun  4
Bacon  4
 House-made Sausage  5
Home Fries & Remoulade  4


Pimentòn Marinated Smoked Oysters  11

fried saltine, horseradish crema, pickled red onion, preserved lemon, herbs

Shrimp Dip  9

 housemade chips

Crispy Chickpeas  3


Rosemary Popcorn  3

sea salt


Lemon Buttermilk Panna Cotta  8

saltine streusel, berries

Affogato  6

espresso, ice cream

Ricotta Fritters  8

seasonal jam, mascarpone

Soyer Au Champagne  13

ice cream, luxardo, brandy, Cointreau, brandied cherry

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

One check will be issued for parties of 6 or more with the option to split equal ways. 18% gratuity will be included.


Reservations are only available for parties of 6 or more. Please email us at

A valid Credit Card is required to hold a reservation. A $50 cancellation charge will be issued for parties who do not honor their reservation times.

For Parties of 20 or larger, please call us at 919.301.8900 to schedule a private dining event.


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1053 E Whitaker Mill Road Suite 111
Raleigh NC 27604